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Discover unlimited access to lifelong learning and Self-help Books from industry leaders & working professionals.

Become smarter, improve your career success, keep a step ahead of your peers and

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Why Readlap

Why Readlap?
  • Get Smarter!

    Instantly unlock the knowledge contained in the world's best books to make you more smarter, knowledgeable, healthier, happier, and successful.

  • Find Inspiration

    Get the best ideas from leading business mavericks, health gurus, political pundits, and trailblazing scientists.

  • For the Busy With No Time

    Perfect for curious people who love to learn, busy people who don’t have time to read, and even people who aren’t into reading.


    Listen or read your favorite books ina car, lorry, when cooking, washing, jogging, taking a walk etc


    Share your reading insights, follow other readers, comment, share and like what they read with community members


    You can stream all audiobooks or download them in the app. Listen whenever and wherever you want!

Interesting E-books and Audiobooks awaits you.

A small investment for an incredible growth opportunity

Starting at $3.95 a month | Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Readlap cost?
    Readlap cost a monthly subscription of $3.99 and $5.99 per subscriber.
    But for a limited time only, we have droopped the subscription to $1 for a 7 days trial. No commitments, cancel anytime
  • Do I have make any commitment?
    There are no commitments.
    Just renew your subscription when it expires or when you're ready.

What some cherish readers are saying...

  • Mandy Bloom

    Mandy Bloom

    I held off listening to audiobooks for years until a friend on FB who also hated audiobooks started saying nice thing about his experience. Now I'm fully into audiobooks. I listen to books when cleaning, driving, walking, working out, jogging, cooking etc. I love that I can make notes and the app remembers where i last left off. I highly recommend audiobooks and Readlap.
  • Lauren Bullocks

    Lauren Bullocks

    Good experience so far. It would be terrific if along with the audio, soft copy of the books are added. I am very happy with the experience of the audio quality, collections, bookmarks, easy accessibility and the social aspect. It is a very good experience. Thank you Readlap.
  • Esther Dede

    Esther Dede

    This app is great i am able to cover more books with the help of the audio. It also saves me time and am able to work whiles listening to some of my favourite books

    Publishers and Writers

    Connect with Followers

    Reach, connect and engage with your followers in Africa and beyond.

    Engage More Audience

    Grow and further your audiences by reaching thousands of people using Readlap to share their book reading experiences.

    Generate Revenue

    Sell your books, podcasts and event tickets through Readlap. You can accept traditional payment systems such as Mobile Money, Paypal, Visa, Bank transfer, etc.

    Instantly Review

    You can get your books and storylines reviewed by our avid readers and other writers.